Monday, January 3, 2011

ok... lets chit chat shall we..... lol

ok. lets see where were we.....

Last time I updated, I was invited to host a night at Almaza in Honor of my Birthday.
Well that went amazing, the venue is small but the line was out the door & around the corner.

Shoutout to Orlando Rodriguez, my promoter friend who took care of us, & I cant really complain, I had fun.

#Shoutout to the gentlemen of 24/7 Enterprise Radio for coming with and also special thanks to my very close Dj friend & advisor @September7th who came to say hello and spend sometime with me.. (who just happened to be the only picture I took all night).

Other than the fact that i had to tell some dude to and i quote "Listen here homie, Suck my dick.. get away from my table.." lmao.. my night was pretty on point.

P.S Almost forgot.. Shoutout to Lil Will for coming thru also.. we all had some celebrations drinks.. their were more spanish chicks there than you could shake a stick at... lmao

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