Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vegas needs Voom.......

Lets be Honest..
Las Vegas Does Not show Love to Las Vegas...

If WE dont show ourselves Love, We cant expect anyone else to.....

So I've decided I'm going to develop this Website so I can highlight Vegas Talent.
Everyone from Models, Photographer, Artists, Stylist, Clothing lines/Designers, Make-Up Artists, Tattoo Shops, maybe even Local Indie Boutiques.....

I Refuse to accept the fact that instead of all US collaborationg and putting on For VEGAS..
The majority of vegas talent thinks that by hating, bad mouthing, and discouraging other talent, that were going to get ahead as a City.

Well im not the Majority of Vegas. The world needs to know how much Talent this City, that raised me, Really truely has.

Ive met artist of all walks of life who really truely have Talent & I WILL not allow us to be unheard.

So I'll be doing interviews startng this week. The first is scheduled for this Sunday.

I will be featuring different types of Artists in Person, hoping to even have a brief photoshoot with each of the people i interview so I can have pictures. I'll be including the links for their music, portfolio etc.

keep a look out. I hope your willing to Ride with me Vegas.

If your interested in being featured contact me on twitter or at

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