Monday, January 3, 2011

Now lemme speak about @LilWilL702..

Gotta Shoutout Lil Will...

Now a few weeks back, Lil Will invited to go with him to his studio & chop it up..
its was suppose to be a interview.. but lemme just say this..
I DID ALL THE LISTENING.... he dropped some serious knowledge.

That man knows alot about a lot. lol.

He explained about the music industry, how to approach it and what to expect. I talked to him about my concerns about stepping into the music industry, thats predominately ruled by men and about several subjects.

I have to show him MAD love for doing that.. he really didnt have to,

He also showed me his video & accompanied me to my radio interview....
oh and we grubbed at IN-N-OUT afterwards. Models & Rappers love good food too you know.

The man always has his headphones in, always listening to beats, its seems like he's always thinking of the next thing. No offense but the man was also charming and easy on the eyes. haha.

Anywho... His hustle, motivation and hardwork is something you cant ignore and he puts on for Vegas, I would say he's a VEGAS MUSIC VETERAN.

Here are 2 of his latest videos

I Can See it now (Directed by Cal Newman)

Lil Will ft. MZvEGAS VEGASlife (Directed by Lil Will - Shot by Eddie Hundreds/ & NEEKO)

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