Friday, April 15, 2011

I was offered a lead role in a Indie Short Film by a Director friend of mine, J.D Whitehead... Amongst all the madness that is my schedule, I decided to still accept the part because the role was a well written one & the character seemed to have depth. we shot for 4 days so far & still have to shoot 2 more days, but here is the Teaser. Yes, Thats me.

Hot Tottie

** I'd like to give a very special thanks to Travis Meltzer, my leading man. Who taught me that love scenes are no easy task & Allyce Zamora.. my make up artist who roughed it & came on set w/ me everyday & ended up being production assistant. lol.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Karla from the Block... lol

Allyce & I are the type of people that have creative epiphanies at 3am.. This was one of them...

Rollers. Bandana. Make-up.

Called the only person who i thought would be up.

Lil Will.

So we asked if we could shoot some pictures considering he's recently been experimenting with a pretty spiffy camera., & Allyce shot alongside with her film camera..

We shot these last minute, a bit rushed @ about.. 5am. lol.

I thought, hell.. why not post some for fun?


Friday, April 8, 2011

No need for A Grandiose Explanation.

@GrandioseCo #Shoutout to @GrandioseNate for bein #Positive lol

Directed by @EddieHundreds

The Grandiose "introduction to the Grand Life" from eddie hundreds on Vimeo.


This Gentle Above... is RadioRamone

This Album Above... Epic Shit.

The Talent is More than present, This isnt your radio's Dr.Suess rhymes either. So if thats what you want.. than go fux with those bummy rappers, because once again.. Vegas produces another album that you can play from front to back...

Possible collabo in between Radio Ramone & myself... we'll keep you kids guessing.

Follow him on Twitter... @RadioRamone Tell em TreV sent you....

I had a bowl of SWAGGER for breakfast

lets talk real quick.....

God willing... Some MAJOR moves are going down this month

My Bestfriend, & make up artist just went thru some serious life changing ish.. all for the Best. Alot of ish will be going down this month... Im getting all GREEN lights.

Possible business in another city...

Scripts & Red heels...

Radio static...

My Horoscope said not to tell my plans to those who are unworthy... so kids. You will just have to wait & see.

Then All of a Sudden...

Two Text messages. Reservations. Stillettos. & s little silver dress later...

"The Epic baller swaggerful shit that went down that night is something you cannot fathom."

"Oh Karla? Oh she stays Stuntin on Hoes..." - ?

lmao. The End

FAME & fortune

Gotta do a Blog Highlight on el Senor FAME.... now... FAME is one of the talented & recognized artists that Vegas has Elevated.

His music covers every aspect in your everyday life.. his music can be referenced from when your hustling @ work.. laying it down to your lady or when your getting ready to head out with the Gents.......

You can find him on twitter Constantly talking about how "Our NEW vegas culture" is developing.. I cant help but agree...

what is Vegas Culture Per Say?

Im not sure just yet.. but i Do know is FAME is attributing to along with other talented Key players.

So i leave you with 2 of his newest Videos.... ENJOY