Saturday, January 8, 2011

Freak Deaky? Yes Ma'am.

I think two posts ago I told you I was invited to Rainbow Noise Ent.'s Video Shoot..

Well here the video.. The song is super sexy.. & scene on-set was fun AF.. thats why im laughing in almost every scene. lmao.

Super sexy beat once again and #shoutout to @Stud_Phamous..
Also in the video is @DjGKid1 He kidnapped me and rolled with me to the set.

So enjoy & oh btw I use Crest white strips (possible sponsor?! lol) to keep my wide smile that WHITE. lol.

BEHIND-THE-SCENES SECRET: When the director asked me to pretend to whisper somethin into her ear and go to the bedroom with her.. I was whispering all kinds of hilarious things in her ear. "You me and peaches&creme?" ..... "whips. Chains. handcuffs? what do u say?" lol

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