Monday, December 31, 2012

Thank you 2012

I wanted to take a moment to Stand back & thank 2012.
At times, you were difficult & gave me the kind of Challenges I didn't think I could overcome.
But Struggle builds Character.
And I truly believe this.
You bestowed upon me my second child,
Baby Emery, his little sister,
Valentina adores him.
You also blessed me with another year with My husband, Kaz.
We've gone through more trials & tribulations than we've ever been through in the past.
My family is in tact.
This company & environment I'm building is for them & I is turning into a marvelous thing.
Allow me to take a Bow & thank you for Everything you put me the through.
The Good & The Bad.
Dear 2013, I hope me & you build a Phenomenal next chapter.
Sincerely, Karla V.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

For Promotional Use Only.

$100 Headshot Special
Full make up application & eyelashes
By @KarlaVaVaVoom
& professional headshots by @kidyosh.
I stay on set & assist through the whole photoshoot.
Model: Yesselynn Giovana
Contact info:

@KidYosh x KarlaVaVaVoom

Sometimes a collaboration a fellow artist is necessary. When both of you are very similar yet oddly different you feel the need to work with one another. So myself, Yosh & my younger sister Yesse, (@kittysqueezer ) teamed up for a Photoshoot to make the new flyer for our promotion were running through the month of December.
Make up styling by yours truly.
Photography & lighting by @kidyosh
& model Yesselynn Giovanna

Kittrell Cage x KarlaVaVaVoom

Once again, I had the pleasure to embark into another industry adventure & I was hired to do make up for a Kittrell Cage shoot.
Must saying it was refreshing to meet someone new & also to meet someone who has clear vision of what he wants & how to achieve the attitude he wants in his pictures.
We shot at V'Dara & the model herself was just a beautiful as the structure itself
Tall, with small curves & a beautiful frame. I leave you with some BTS (Behind The Scene footage)
*Special thanks to @kidyosh for accompanying me.
For more info on photographer Follow his business page in #Instagram @kittrell_cage