Saturday, August 8, 2009

NIne Months...

Well here we are, just turned nine months on Thursday, awaiting the arrival of our daughter.

Finally got to shoot with her father, Eddie, and our shots turned out amazing.

We've very blessed not have had any complications through out our pregnancy, she's been a true blessing.

From the moment we found out after buying a pregnancy test & Sara Lee pound cake to this Tuesday where they told us all was fine so far....

He's been there every night and day, thru the nausea, the cravings, to the mood swings, to not being able to but on my own chucks.

Ive been blessed with a good man to accompany me thru all this, along with friends and family who are awaiting her grand appearance as much as either one of us.

So here we are....

Karyme Valentina Fonseca & her mom....






double click on each if make larger.

shot by her dad.
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Finally some ME time....

Hey there ladies and germs!!

Hope everyones been doing great. Ive been doing well myself, i try to update as often as possible but for one reason or another it never really happens.... so here i am...

Well me and baby are doing great, she'S about 4lbs. and 17 inches long.

& im feeling every kick... and every hiccup...

We're 8 months and 4 days today, so that means its crunch time...

Took sometime out for myself to collaborate with one of my photographers from before, to shoot some quick maternity shots while he was in town.

Thought I would share one or two with you....



I loved the shoot and technically its Valentinas First

& I'll probably be posting up a few more when i shoot with her daddy, eddie,

so I'll be back soon with pictures from the baby shower and from the shoot with him...

see you guys soon!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

the catch up

now here we are months later since my last entry....

now i dont know who is actually going to read this.... but hey her i go..

im 6 months and 1 week pregnant, happy like no other just with alot of stuff on my mind.
im expecting a girl, we've decided to name her karyme valentina.

Like mom...

she"ll be here by september 04, 2009. I found out today she"s a week bigger than scheduled..which anyone can tell you that its a blessing.

The other half who made our bundle of joy happen is eddie, yes the same eddie from back then. tall guy with glasses & the t-shirts & camera always in front of his face?.

yes me and him are having a baby girl.

By Far i couldnt have asked for a better person to have a child with.

So yes that probably why you havent seen me around too much, im no health freak but i rather just do my thing, no pregnant mom @ the strip club for me or at the club dancing on the bar....

sundress and an oreo shake? sign me up!

but now for the FLIPSIDE

now i dont know if im actually gonna post this. i hate having people know my private life. but i guess some people in my life deserve some way of knowing how im doing, now ive had a lot of people ask me why i havent made my pregnancy very known.

now I kno why.. but lots of people speculate, but whats new?!?

i know that lots of people in general, arent exactly my biggest fans... i know there people who just check my profile to criticize or to just have something to talk about...

i feel as though my pregnancy is something i rather keep private. so ive let very few people know... like at a reunion i went to a bit ago....

"OMG! why didnt you tell me?!?!"

umm maybe just maybe its because i havent seen you in about idk maybe a year or two?? and maybe because your nosey ass just doesnt realy give a fuck? now run home and tell everyone...

Now another response i got was from a "old friend"... who and im not making this up said "Wow your having a baby? you know there forever your responsibilty? Man, and out of all the people i know i thought you two were actually really talented.. i thought you would make it...."

WHAT? since when does having a baby make you deaf, blind and retarded?

so in a nutshell that why im not letting the whole world in on my pregnancy... if you come to my baby shower great if not... your werent that important to begin with.... you"ll just see me around back to my old self but with a beautiful daughter....

sorry for all this but sometimes you just need get some stuff off your chest....

have a good nite everyone..

Karla Va Va voom out everyone