Monday, January 24, 2011


This was the show i wanted to attend but coudnt due to my schedule.

Its the QUALITY over QUANTITY of musicians/artists on your roster for a show.

And this show had quality artists, I stand behind & support quite a few of the artists who were there.

Shoutout & Props to @DjGkid1 @Tray @SedrewPrice

I had been looking for footage with audio, but i found this & well this is more than suffice.

SeDrew Price live at ColdWinter Fest from eddie hundreds on Vimeo.

Footage SHOT BY: Eddie Hundreds of House of Hundreds Photography
But if you do have video or images of the event feel free to email them to me at @

L.A is calling... & they mean Business. Literally.

Ive been called to go out to Los Angeles for business. Tre'V Managment Business.

Yes. Its like that. lol

Its just Quickie. A 3 day trip for negotations of sorts.

Hopefully I'll be able to fit in a Photoshoot with Sal of Depikitions Photography.

We've collabo'd before so it should turn out great.

We'll be staying at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, That in itself should be fun.

Stay tuned kids.

One of my more personal posts... lmao

E recibido una llamada...
This might be my favorite song as of right now... lmao.

Anywho... were closing that chapter with this post.
Have someone translate it for you papa... ;D

Saturday, January 8, 2011

RideOut ft. Noah Jones 'Moves" also my lil cameo

RIDEOUT ft. Noah Jones "MOVES"
Twitter: @RIDEOUT & @noahjones714

We shot this about mid-summer of last year.. so please forgive my little extra chubbs.. lol Ride-out had asked me if i was interested in a tiny cameo, and well i did it.. lol.

Yall thought I was kidding when I said I support artists in my City?
So check out the video.. Oldie but a goodie....

This is a very short clip of me on set with Mimi my Make-Up artist from the video.. & i look kinda pretty too so i thoughtbi'd post... lol

My make-up looks amazing.

Freak Deaky? Yes Ma'am.

I think two posts ago I told you I was invited to Rainbow Noise Ent.'s Video Shoot..

Well here the video.. The song is super sexy.. & scene on-set was fun AF.. thats why im laughing in almost every scene. lmao.

Super sexy beat once again and #shoutout to @Stud_Phamous..
Also in the video is @DjGKid1 He kidnapped me and rolled with me to the set.

So enjoy & oh btw I use Crest white strips (possible sponsor?! lol) to keep my wide smile that WHITE. lol.

BEHIND-THE-SCENES SECRET: When the director asked me to pretend to whisper somethin into her ear and go to the bedroom with her.. I was whispering all kinds of hilarious things in her ear. "You me and peaches&creme?" ..... "whips. Chains. handcuffs? what do u say?" lol

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Greatest Project/Collabo is now walking...

My little Human being that him & I created is now walking...

In case you dont know..

Im a single mom. lol. This is Valentina Ballerina ... My 17th month old daughter. My greatest project. My heart. My motivation taking her first steps.

Valentina Mobbin from eddie hundreds on Vimeo.

Proud Mommy much? :D

The Footage is shot by her father.

Monday, January 3, 2011

its Fucking snowing in vegas... Great. smh.

so if you dont wanna go outside in the freezin tundra & are craving sexual smores.... here's the INDOOR way to make em.... courtesy of Yesse Vivacious & I...

P.S Yes I know i have huge lips and/or mouth. lol

Ladies love Cool Phame.. lol.

lets mention @STUD_PHaMOUS ..... of Rainbow Noise Ent.

Got invited to her Video shoot so I asked @DJGKID1 to accompany man...

The Video Shoot was fun AF lmao.. the drinks were flowing and flowing heavy. lol.

but on set shit so fun. Had a tiny cameo... nothing to big. must say, it wasnt hard hitting on her.. Swag was on point..

hahaha naw but forreal

Gotta keep an eye for the video.. i'll post that soon as its up.. but for now enjoy this video " Who Dat" by Rainbow Noise Ent.

this is completely irrelevant but.....

Seriously listen to the lyrics in this god damn song and tell me his flow is not FUCKING BANANAS!!

After listening to this song, you'll be up in the kitchen making the most SWAGGERFUL eggs & fucking pancakes ever,.. it'll have you talkin shit to a box of cereal...

"like fuck you wheaties.. lame ass fiber filled mothafucker..."


lmao. im sorry imma damn fool..

Now lemme speak about @LilWilL702..

Gotta Shoutout Lil Will...

Now a few weeks back, Lil Will invited to go with him to his studio & chop it up..
its was suppose to be a interview.. but lemme just say this..
I DID ALL THE LISTENING.... he dropped some serious knowledge.

That man knows alot about a lot. lol.

He explained about the music industry, how to approach it and what to expect. I talked to him about my concerns about stepping into the music industry, thats predominately ruled by men and about several subjects.

I have to show him MAD love for doing that.. he really didnt have to,

He also showed me his video & accompanied me to my radio interview....
oh and we grubbed at IN-N-OUT afterwards. Models & Rappers love good food too you know.

The man always has his headphones in, always listening to beats, its seems like he's always thinking of the next thing. No offense but the man was also charming and easy on the eyes. haha.

Anywho... His hustle, motivation and hardwork is something you cant ignore and he puts on for Vegas, I would say he's a VEGAS MUSIC VETERAN.

Here are 2 of his latest videos

I Can See it now (Directed by Cal Newman)

Lil Will ft. MZvEGAS VEGASlife (Directed by Lil Will - Shot by Eddie Hundreds/ & NEEKO)

24/7 Radio Shows new Co-Host is ...........

Me..... now lets explain how the hell that happenend. haha

I was invited to come in as a guest to have some questions asked ON-Air.
I was a little bit nervous considering it had been my first radio interview. The interview went flawless. Pop talk. Blog Talk. Sex Talk... Def. my cup of tea. lol

After the interview they said i did really well on On-air and thats when they offered me a place as a Co-host .. I accepted of course. So for now im Part of the 24/7 radio show family...
They are interested on having me on the full 5 days a week. but for now I agreed to Once or Twice a week, due to my schedule being so packed as is.

Make sure to listen in on or just keep an eye on twitter so you can listen in when I'm in studio...

The first radio flyer with me on it.... I'm officially Dj Tre'V....

ok... lets chit chat shall we..... lol

ok. lets see where were we.....

Last time I updated, I was invited to host a night at Almaza in Honor of my Birthday.
Well that went amazing, the venue is small but the line was out the door & around the corner.

Shoutout to Orlando Rodriguez, my promoter friend who took care of us, & I cant really complain, I had fun.

#Shoutout to the gentlemen of 24/7 Enterprise Radio for coming with and also special thanks to my very close Dj friend & advisor @September7th who came to say hello and spend sometime with me.. (who just happened to be the only picture I took all night).

Other than the fact that i had to tell some dude to and i quote "Listen here homie, Suck my dick.. get away from my table.." lmao.. my night was pretty on point.

P.S Almost forgot.. Shoutout to Lil Will for coming thru also.. we all had some celebrations drinks.. their were more spanish chicks there than you could shake a stick at... lmao