Sunday, April 1, 2012

Greater, Equal to or Lesser than?

Is your partner the equivalent of you?

Now be careful how you answer that because you might end up humping the couch tonight depending on your response. Lol.

You always see couples where one is, how can I say this politely... Superior. No. A better person? No. Less Flawed? No that's not it either.
A Better Half.
There you go.

However, what happens when both people seem to be practically equal?

Both are personable with big personalities, motivated, ambitious & dare I say competitive. Now on top of that, let's say their both 'Easy on The Eyes'.

How does that dynamic work?
Let me just say its not easy. It's somewhat of a power struggle. He def. has a dominant alpha male way of being but then again, I've always been a alpha female, a LATINA alpha female at that. Yes. I'm a bossy hot blooded mess at times. Lol.

It takes LOTS of patience.
Did I say Lots what I meant was COLOSSAL amounts of patience.

Trying to find the balance in a relationship is never easy.
Especially when your in it for the long haul, throw in babies & a house & bills.

He's going to have his weaknesses & strengths. You have to be able to adapt. One day you'll have to help him up & brush his shoulders off & give him a smack on the ass to pep him up.
If your willing to put In the work, the day you need a shoulder to cry, an extra hand around the house or just a gentle caress after a long day... Your Other half will be there for you.

So is your partner equivalent to you? Maybe not exactly. But 2lbs of apples are equivalent to 2lbs of bananas aren't they? Your both completely different but god willing, your equal in each others eyes.

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