Thursday, June 28, 2012


We meet again.
The names KarlaVaVaVoom & the pleasure is all mine. Lol.

Well decided to do an impromptu photoshoot... In between the kids, husband & dabbling in a few small businesses, it's refreshing to be able to feel sexy & let that inner VaVaVoom as they say come out.

I'm more comfortable in my own skin now that I'm older. Oh the irony.
Instagram & Twitter: @KarlaVaVaVoom

"Not For The Faint Of Heart"


Brian Brundage said...

You are really beautiful and sexy. Keep up your good work.

Anonymous said...

Guys watch porn. Well You are my porn in a kinda way lol You are beautiful<3

Anonymous said...

Im sorry i dont wanna sound rude But You are my porn lol theres no one That turn me on like You do.