Saturday, March 24, 2012

Las Vegas Divorce *Andre 3000 voice

The Las Vegas Divorce
"the separation of two people who use to show love to one another. Etc: friends, family, man & wife. Business associates."

I've divorced many people in the last few years. Lol.
Sounds comical on paper, actually on paper it's expensive.
$948 expensive. Lmao.

No but what I meant is 'Metaphorically'
I've divorced many 'friends & acquaintances', sometimes it's been their fault, sometimes mine. Maybe a few have been mutual.
& one or two have been for my own good.
There will be times, when snipping people outta your life will help you blossom into a better person.

Like a Rose bush, a rose bush needs to be pruned of dead leaves & dry flowers, if not, it will not expand & reach it's full potential.

In Vegas, especially, losing friends & associates is the norm. In a city where people come make their profit & leave, what can we expect. Ever since elementary school, my best friend in every grade was different.

In a town built on the loose morals, ego & self centered ideals what can we expect. If we've divorced, I apologize & I filed the paperwork in a little cabinet in my heart.

But like the saying goes
"I asked god to protect me from my enemies & I started losing friends."

So if you've had a 'Las Vegas Divorce' recently, don't look back, your future is ahead of you.

(Inspired by Outkast's 'Hollywood Divorce')

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