Tuesday, February 22, 2011

V.I.P interview.... mikey vip that is.

I received a phone call about two weeks back from mikey vip......
lets keep this brief, dont wanna spoil the surprise.

but keep an out for @mikeyvip .... we talked about alot of things & im excited to see the footage.

also keep an eye out for his MIXTAPE "The Pre-Treatment" to his album, he let me hear a bit of both...

The man has talent. period.
He's intelligent & well spoken...

kinda proud of myself.. asked all the interview question of top.. the interview just flowed like if we knew eachother forever, old friends just catchin up talkin music, vegas, &hip hop overall.

i'll post up the footage & pics when the time is right.
#Shoutout to @vote4prez for filming & @september7th for helpin me prep for it & accompanying me.

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