Tuesday, February 22, 2011

i NEVER met L.A,,, but the city acted like it missed me...

Let me fill you on about how Los Angeles went......

To say the least.. I adored the city... the City is an amazing thing... It glows. It lives. It breathes.

Our business meeting went amazing. I didnt have the oppurtunity to worlk with Sal afterall due to conflicting schedules, but I'll be returning soon.

Special Shoutout to Morgan, for showing us his city.. also shoutout to 'M' & 'S'. lmao. no comment there.

so here are a few pics.. the rest are private, not like xxx but more like i rather just keep them as my own personal memories.
"The purple ones called PANTY. The Gold one we call DROPPER"

This is Kobe.



the view from the penthouse loft

ECCO IN Hollywood & arrived back in Vegas.. & continued to PARTY These pictures might not be in order, but the randomness makes sense to me. lol

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