Tuesday, February 22, 2011

lFebruary 12th. 13th. & finally the 14th (Valentina day) lol

Whaddup Players!
Lets talk about these 3 consecutive awesome days.

The 12th of feb. Allyce (@THEFAMOUSATRAIN) & decided that since we both have no gentlemen in particular in our lives, & we were both working on Valentines day we would spend it together.

Sunday the 13th was the Premiere of Grandiose clothing line of tees @ Suite 160.....
Lets just say it was a "WHOSE WHOSE" of vegas artists & talent.

(To name a few @DjSeptember7th @edddiehundreds @LILWill702 @sedrewprice @EZIEENT

@GRANDIOSE too many to name..)

Had to do a secret surprise appearance with my NEW co-host @DJGKID1 .... it was a very good look. rolled up to suite 160 in glasses. a hello kitty tee. & leggings. lol super chill.
Anywho shoutout to everyone behind the Grandiose brand

February 14th Valentines Day
I worked on Valentines day from 9 to 5.. but i did get to spend an amazing evening with my Valentine... my little Valentina... my daughter.
I had an amazing day because of her..

& for those who are curious. No i dont have a a man in my life.. so no male affection for me on Valentines day. lol. i know your nosey butts were curious.

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