Monday, May 13, 2013

Fashion doesn't have to be Size zeros & Runways.

As of lately I've been wondering how I can work on my blog.
I've decided Instead of taking pictures out of Vanity Fair, Vogue & Elle..
What if I highlight EVERYDAY people who Dress Exceptionally well,
On the way to Work, Coffee, at the Gym, SuperMarket or while picking up the kids.
It's not about money or how much you spend or what designer your wearing.
It's about taking what you have whether its for Goodwill, Versace, Walmart, Target, your local small town Department store.
It's not about Size Zeros or Skinny or fat.
It's about dress YOUR body, YOUR shape, YOUR style.
Dress to Make YOURSELF feel Fabulous.
No matter your size.
FASHION is International & Doesn't Discriminate.
So from now on, while Balancing 3 jobs lol
ill be doing a WEEKLY HIGHLIGHT of Beautiful People dressing Beautifully at all budgets & sizes.
(First: Cosmologist, Schae in all white on the way to work.
Instagram: @schaelove Follow her)

(Second: Blogger & Herbalife Rep Stephanie at a social event in denim shirts, vintage tee, oversized bag & blazer / Instagram: @stephandreaxoxo )

(Thirdly: a Beautiful girl I met inside of Starbucks at Fashion ShowMall. Love the Riding Chic look. Riding boots, tan skinnys, leather belt, sky blue button down, and gorgeous satchel bag.)

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Steph Andrea said...

Karla!! Awesome idea and so excited to be on here!! Woop woop, thanks! :) Keep it up girl!