Wednesday, November 28, 2012

4:12am Ramblings lol

Hello Earthlings.
Feel like I haven't wrote an entry on my blog in much too long.
I scribble & jot thoughts & words down quite often but I never manage to have the mental clarity to actually put it on here.
I've been told my love for social media is due to how easy it is to channel creative energy through out it.
To think that at one point in time, all these thoughts we have on a minute to minute basis, were just stagnant in our mind. We had no way to tweet, post, update or text our many thoughts.
I've been extremely successful & productive in my personal life lately.
To make it brief I recently turned 24 years of age. GASP!
Yes I still can't believe I'm 24 either.
An even more shocking in this day & age is that I recently had the privilege to celebrate my 1 year wedding anniversary. Yes. An ENTIRE year.
In generation past, that might not be impressive but in an era where if its broke, we don't fix it, we throw it away.... A whole year of marriage & children is quite a feat!
So don't mind me if I seem preoccupied, I am. Maybe not so much in the professional aspect but the foundation I'm setting is Beautiful. Je'Taime Pequenos Monstros.

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