Friday, October 19, 2012

Missed Calls.

Lets fill you in.
I almost died last week.
No that's not a joke.

Almost dying puts certain things into perspective.
What's important & what's not.
Who still holds your emotions & who no longer does.
What have you accomplished so far?
& what would they say at your funeral?

Deep shit right?
Well that's what happens.
I came to realize that I've live quite a bit considering my 24th birthday is coming up on November 23rd.
Maybe if I talked to a seasoned world traveler they would laugh when I say that I feel I've lived.
Maybe because in my mind LIVING means giving your life meaning.
The meaning of my life are my kids & family. So far my babies are amazing. So If that would have left the earth that day I would feel semi accomplished.
Maybe my mind set is off but money, the dream job, fancy cars & designer labels are things you can't take with you & in some way, your kids meet up with you in "heaven" later in life.
Am I thinking too much into this?
Maybe yes.
But the look & texts my husband sent me before & after the paramedics came to get me, while I was rocking my son in a puddle of blood & the face he made when he walked into my hospital room, confirmed to me that he loved me.
I have a lot of LIFE left to live but the moral of this deep & self rambling story is: Your time here isn't promised. Your on borrowed time. The rug could be pulled from under you at any point. MAKE SURE the STORY that replays back to you at the END of your Journey is WORTH WATCHING.

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