Monday, July 9, 2012

They only Love you when they Need you.

Why is it moths only come to the flame when it's lit?
Yet when it's not flickering the moths can fly by & never notice it?

This happen in humans also.
People only want your company when your relevant & successful.

Now if that's the case, make sure that the moment you do hit your prime you have the RIGHT people surrounding you, who truly have your best interest at heart.

Remember, never bite the hand that feeds you or the heart that heals you.

Being given love is a blessing & a
opportunity that not everyone has a been offered.

So remember this, when your "Popular" & your flame is bright, all kinds of insects & moths will come to you.
But make sure your light is attracting the right ones.

Everyone LOVES you when they Need you. But when hungry or need not everyone will Feed you.

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