Friday, August 19, 2011

Lets do like a Hot Dog & Ketchup lol

"Where the Hell have you been?!?!?"

The most common question Ive heard lately.

Dont Trip Little Shoelace.

How can I explain this, Everythings different as of lately. All for the Best.

Ive had one of those moments when everything you've ever wanted has been set in front of you.
This is the moment in your life when you realize that sometimes, you can sacrifice one life for the Other life youve always wanted. Let me break it down.

My daughter Valentina is turning 2 years old. Now for those of you who know of her, know she's my world & god knows ive been blessed to be her mom. She's so funny and loving, loves to dance to "Fly like G6" and quick to kiss you and cheer
you up when you most need it....

Ive been dedicating myself solely to her.... and well someone else. That leads me to my next subject: HIM

Sometimes LIFE brings things into your life that you weren't expecting.
A PERFECT example of that would be HIM.
You could have asked anyone, love was the furthest thing from my mind & then HE changed it all.
He gave me HOPE & showed me a form of LOVE i hadn't felt in a long time, better yet, a form of LOVE no one had EVER given me .

The HIM I speak of is Tyler or as most of Vegas knows him, Kaz.

It was unexpected to say the least, it started out with a simple walk in the park that now, has evolved into something so much bigger.

Ive found a partner, he makes me stronger and thinks i'm beautiful, and ABOVE all that he loves my daughter, and that in its self is the GREATEST gift he could ever give me....

On that note i know it maybe soon, but he recently asked my father for my hand in Marriage...
a Wedding date has been set for Saturday, May, 12th 2011

So if i seem busy, its because I am. In between planning a wedding & my two year old and fiancee my hands are pretty much more than full.

Im STILL Ambitious Karla Va Va Voom that will NEVER Change, i just had my dream life offered to me and im signing on the dotted line.

The house, The Husband, and the Family Ive always wanted.

Got one of the hottest chicks in the Game wearin' his Chain, & hat& ring. lol

So just keep an eye out for the New last Name,


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